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DocumentDesigning and building file folder bridgesIn this presentation, we introduce the types of bridges and the engineeering task to the the students.
DocumentMeasuring the tension/compression of bridge members
DocumentAnalyzing Structural MembersIn this document, we explore the newtonian mechanics behind finding the factors of safety for each member of the bridge.
DocumentTesting the Strength of File Folder Bridge members.In this document, we look at the difference between Tension and Compressive Strength and how to graphically determine them.
DocumentTesting and Analyzing File Folder Bridge MembersThis PPT is a shorter version of the file folder bridge project where only the testing of the members is conducted. OKEA students click here.
DocumentFile Folder Bridge Testing - Data TableThis WORD file is the data table for the test specimens. OKEA students click here.
DocumentMaking the FF Bridge Test SpecimensThe WORD file explains HOW to make the bars and tubes for tensile and compressive strength testing. OKEA students click here.
DocumentUsing Excel to measure bridge member strength.This document explains how to use the testing mechanism to calculate the tensile and compressive strength in a bridge member. Excel formulas and addressing techniques are then used to calculate the actual strengths.
DocumentCalculating the "ACTUAL" tension and compressive strength of bridge membersIn this document, we explore HOW to use EXCEL to calculate the tensile and compressive strength of bridge members. It also explains, which graphs are to be made and how to apply them.
DocumentCalculating the INTERNAL MEMBER FORCEThis powerpoint goes through the process of determining the actual force in each member of the bridge.