UCF Engineering

UCF - Dual Enrollment Engineering

The purpose if this course is to introduce you to the various branches of engineering. We do this by bringing in various experts in the different fields of engineering to explain to you what they do and WHY they do what they do. The hope is that you will leave this course with a PLAN OF ACTION. Many engineering students cannot seem to make up their mind as to which branch of engineering might hook their interest. This lack of decision making can cause many problems as you try to make your way through freshman undergraduate coursework.  

Along the way you will also have an opportunity to learn some very useful software packages like: Soliworks, Mathcad, and Excel. These programs are frequently used in engineering colleges across the nation. The hope is not that you will become a master of the program, but at least some exposure and hint of what to expect when you enter an engineering program.

Some guidance on engineering ethics, study habits, time management, financial management, extra curricular activities and other topics will also be provided.


Each student completing this course should:

  • Understand how engineering contributes to society.
  • Be able to describe the type of work done by each of the engineering specialties.
  • Be aware of problems that can be caused by conflict of interest situations and other ethical dilemmas.
  • Introduction to the use of computer and applications software in solving engineering problems.
  • Introduction to the concepts of engineering design through the use of teams
  • Be able to schedule their work to productively complete complex projects on time.
  • Be able to produce technical documents and provide clear and concise oral presentations.