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Robot C Programming

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DocumentProgramming BasicsThis presentation focuses on some of the specific ROBOTC commands.
DocumentMotionThis presentation focuses on how to use motor commands in conjunction with timers.
DocumentShaft EncodersThis presentation focuses on how to use shaft encoders to help the robot travel specific distances as well as automated straightening.
DocumentVariables and FunctionsIn this presentation, we explore how to move through the maze using 2 different methods. One uses variables and the other a special function.
DocumentRemote ControlIn this presentation, we discuss how to program the various channels on the Cortex Controller.
DocumentTimersIn this presentation, we look at how to control the length of time a match or challenge proceeds.
DocumentProgramming Joystick ButtonsIn this presentation, we look at how to program channels 5 - 8 or the buttons on the Cortex controller.